The Crucial Role of Metering Systems and the Expertise of Yulibeth Cruz Roque

In the intricate dance of industrial operations, particularly within the sectors of oil, gas, and petrochemicals, metering systems stand as the silent but pivotal sentinels. They are specialized assemblies designed to measure, monitor, and control the flow of substances, be it liquids, gasses, or semi-fluids, within an industrial setting. They often comprise an array of instruments including flow meters, temperature and pressure instruments, composite samplers, and valves.

In a petrochemical plant, for instance, a metering system shall accurately measure the volume of oil flowing through a pipeline, ensuring consistent quality. Such systems not only optimize operational efficiency but also ensure safety, environmental compliance, and accurate billing or costing during the transfer of commodities.

These systems are indispensable – and for a deeper insight, it’s critical to examine the work of notable professionals within the industry. One such industry stalwart is Yulibeth Cruz Roque, industry expert and judge in the 2023 Globee Awards, who has immersed herself deeply in this multifaceted domain.

Understanding the Vitality of Metering Systems

“At the very core, metering systems are designed to ensure that the correct amount of a particular substance – liquid, gas, or semi-fluid – is accurately measured and transferred,” Yulibeth explains. “This ensures that the respective industrial process, whether it’s refining oil or transporting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), operates efficiently and safely.”

She adds that even the slightest misjudgment or error in this measurement can result in significant monetary losses, potential safety hazards, or even regulatory non-compliance penalties.

Furthermore, in the global landscape of trade and commerce, metering systems play a cardinal role during the transfer of commodities between different entities. Called ‘custody transfer’, this process requires an exceptionally high degree of accuracy and reliability in measurements to ensure that all parties involved in the transaction receive or deliver precisely what they have agreed upon.

“There’s more beyond the economic aspect,” Yulibeth emphasizes. “Metering systems are paramount for safety. Especially in high-risk industries like petrochemicals or LNG processing where hazardous materials are handled, an oversight in measurements can lead to disastrous consequences, from environmental spills to potentially lethal accidents. So it’s key to remember that metering is a safeguard for both human lives and the environment.” 

In the vast expanse of professionals who’ve contributed to refining the science and art of metering, Yulibeth stands up to a high standard of dedication and expertise. Her career spans over 16 years, during which she has delved into the nuances of instrumentation and controls services, encompassing diverse roles such as Control Systems Designer, Control System Design Lead, and Control Systems Engineer.

Her involvement in the intricacies of Custody Transfer Metering Systems (CTMS) has been particularly noteworthy. In an industry where trust is paramount, Yulibeth’s work on CTMS has ensured that commercial transactions involving LNG, for instance, are executed with utmost accuracy. 

Such systems, when implemented in crucial points of a plant, like LNG storage and transportation vessels, prevent overfills that could be hazardous and also ensure that the transfer of LNG between different stakeholders is accurate, traceable, and compliant with industry standards. The CTMS’s ability to provide such precision is vital for both sellers and buyers, cementing trust and ensuring fair compensation for the quantity and quality of the LNG transferred.

Thinking Outside the Box

Yulibeth’s proficiency isn’t confined to theoretical know-how. She has showcased her mettle in a multitude of projects spanning the LNG, petrochemical, refinery, and oil sectors. As a Control Systems Designer, her role has seen her spearheading activities such as 3D Modeling, crafting instrument location plans, and detailed material requisitions. Her tenure as Control Systems Lead Design has witnessed her creating specifications for instrument piping materials, designing building layout drawings, and much more. As a Control Systems Engineer, she has been at the forefront of pivotal projects like the Metering Skid Packaged and the Mechanical Pressure Protection System.

Moreover, her adaptability and commitment to staying abreast of the latest technological innovations are evident in her extensive knowledge of contemporary tools and software used in the industry, from AutoCAD and Microstation to SmartPlant Instrumentation.

“Metering systems might seem to take a background role – but they truly are pivotal,” Yulibeth states. “These systems lie at the heart of many industrial operations, and they’re in place to ensure precision, safety, and economic efficiency.”

It’s professionals like Yulibeth Cruz Roque, with her unwavering dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence, who ensure these systems function at their optimal best, upholding industry standards and ensuring safety and trust in commercial transactions. 

As the world continues to evolve and industries expand, the contributions of such professionals will remain an invaluable asset, championing accuracy and trust in an interconnected global landscape.

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